Lawn Sprinkler System

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Maintenance and Service

Spring Startups/Seasonal Checkup:

  • We pressurize the mainline with water in order to detect leaks.
  • Turn on each zone to look for leaks, defective parts and damaged sprinkler heads.
  • Provide the necessary adjustments on all sprinkler heads as needed.
  • Check for clogged sprinkler nozzles and clean as necessary.
  • Program Controller
  • Provide suggestions for the improvement of the lawn sprinkler system.
  • Service Call

    If you desire a specific repair or adjustment and do not prefer that the entire system be checked, a service tech will provide a service call.

    Emergency Repairs

    Repair damage on defective parts in an appropriate and timely manner.

    Fall Shutdown

  • Uncharge the system
  • Water removal from system using high volume air compressor
  • Winterize pump system (when required)

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